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ForkLift – BinaryNights

On 4. November 2016, in Produktivität, by AppsFürMac



Genre: Produktivität

Preis: 0,79 €

Erscheinungsdatum: 17.03.2011

★★★★ LIMITED-TIME OFFER: $0.99 (Regular price $29.99) ★★★★

ForkLift is a robust and elegant file manager and FTP/SFTP client, fully embracing the Apple methodology of bringing incredible power to a beautiful and easy-to-use, approachable interface, it also integrates multiple features you would normally buy in many separate applications. Batch Rename, App Deleter, Archive creation & management, powerful Folder Sync, and the ability to Split and Combine large files are all at your fingertips.

• Dual-pane, tabbed file management
• Connect to a remote or shared volume using FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, iDisk, SMB, AFP, NIS
• Stacks: virtual containers for working with many disparate files across volumes
• Workspaces: save a snapshot of your current directories and connections
• Folder Sync: keep two folders in sync with granular control including powerful RegExp rules
• Synclets: save any sync setup as a stand-alone app for one-button instant updating from your dock or as a cronjob
• Remote Edit files with the editors of your choice, configurable based on file extensions
• Transfer Queue: manage copy operations with global conflict management and file reordering
• Favorites Manager: organize large numbers of connections with ease
• Multi-Rename files with sequencing, add/replace text, RegExp, and metadata support
• Archive creation and management using the Unarchiver framework
• Powerful RegExp-enabled Search, Filter and Select files on any volume
• App Deleter that automatically finds and deletes related app preferences and plists
• Split and combine large files
• Columns, List, Icon and Cover Flow views with full Quick Look support
• Full keyboard support with configurable shortcuts
• Blazing fast transfer engine

© © 2012, BinaryNights LLC

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SimpleRSS – Allen Dunahoo

On 10. Juni 2016, in Nachrichten, by AppsFürMac


Allen Dunahoo

Genre: Nachrichten

Erscheinungsdatum: 15.11.2011

SimpleRSS is a beautiful RSS reader application designed & enhanced for OS X Lion. SimpleRSS takes RSS simply, has basic Google Reader support, and manages it with a wonderful destraction-free built-in sidebar.

- Uses 64-bit for the greatest speed.
- Has a beautiful destraction-free sidebar to manage articles.
- Choose to prioritize certain RSS feeds or to have them appear only when there is a new article.
- Uses a built-in web browser so that there is no need to read the articles in another app.
- Supports Google Reader (go to allendunahoo.com to learn how to add it).

© 2011 Allen Dunahoo

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Lock Screen 2 – iDevelop Co., Ltd.

On 14. Oktober 2015, in Dienstprogramme, by AppsFürMac
Lock Screen 2Grafik

Lock Screen 2

iDevelop Co., Ltd.

Genre: Dienstprogramme

Erscheinungsdatum: 26.06.2011

Introducing The New Way to Lock/Unlock Your Computer Screen on Mac OS.
1. Instant Lock
No matter what application you're using, you can simply press Command+L button to lock your screen instantly.
2. Slide to Unlock
Just slide your finger on keyboard to unlock. Don't waste your time to type a long password and click enter.
3. Passpattern
The next generation of password is here. Passpattern give you an easy and secure way to lock the screen.

And Much More Features…
- Auto lock after idle
- Lock before sleep
- Unlock by trackpad (Experimental)
- Custom lock shortcut keys
- Custom slide to unlock text
- Custom lock/unlock sound
- Custom wallpapers
- Open at login option
- Select whether to require passpattern or not in order to open preferences pane

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why can't I use trackpad to unlock?
First you must enable this option in Preferences->Experimental and please make sure that your trackpad support Multi-Touch trackpad. If your machines models are 2009 or later, they can support Multi-Touch trackpad. Models that are prior than 2009 may not be unlocked by trackpad in this version.

2.After sleep and wake up, I can't slide to unlock any more?
This problems seems to occur because our application loses focus to monitor keys. You can fix by move your mouse and click somewhere in the lockscreen and try slide to unlock again.

More FAQ At http://LockScreenApp.com/support

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions, please feel free to post comments on our support site http://www.LockScreenApp.com/Support or send email to us at Support@iDevelop.co.th

© iDevelop Co., Ltd.

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1Password – Agile Web Solutions

On 10. November 2014, in Produktivität, by AppsFürMac


Agile Web Solutions

Genre: Produktivität

Preis: 15,99 €

Erscheinungsdatum: 08.09.2011

1Password is your online password and identity companion. It leaps past simple password storage because 1Password works directly with your browser, saves your user names and passwords, and effortlessly creates strong, unique passwords for each site. 1Password can then automatically and securely log you in, enter credit card information, and fill registration forms, all while encrypting your information with the one password you need to remember.

For a limited time, save over 50% off the regular price and also receive a free upgrade to 1Password 4 when it becomes available. 1Password 4 will only be available in Mac App Store.

★ 1Password has won just about every award under the sun! ★
It is a Macworld 2010 Eddy Award Winner and scored 4.5/5 Mice in a Macworld review. 1Password is also a Mac|Life Editor’s Choice with a rating of “Awesome!”

But wait, there’s more! 1Password makes it easy to:

- Use multiple Logins for the same site
- Create multiple Identities for filling into registration forms, surveys, and shopping carts
- Securely sync your data data over-the-air between Macs, iPhones, and iPads with Dropbox, or locally over Wi-Fi
- Store other sensitive information in Secure Notes
- Save software licenses and receipts
- Organize everything with tags and folders

This new version of 1Password was re-engineered to leverage the great features in OS X Lion, such as:

- Full-Screen mode
- Better security with Sandboxing
- Even better security with PBKDF2 Calibration
- 64-bit support for a zippy experience

This version also provides:
- **New** Quick access to your data from the menu bar
- Improved support for browser extensions

Of course, what would a secure password and identity companion be without a punny poem?

"Twelve passwords for banks and bills so high,
Seventy for retailers with their online stores,
Ninety for communities of Men to whom I say "Hi",
One for me, 'cause I can't know more
In the land of Crypto where the Secrets lie.
1Password to rule them all, 1Password to find them,
1Password bring them all, and in the vault to bind them
In the land of Crypto where the Secrets lie."

Mobile versions of 1Password are available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Sync and update using Wi-Fi or over-the-air via Dropbox so your information is always just a tap away.

© Copyright © 2011 AgileBits Inc.

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Steamscope HD – Digital Frame Studio

On 15. Februar 2012, in Spiele, by AppsFürMac
Steamscope HDGrafik

Steamscope HD

Digital Frame Studio

Genre: Spiele

Preis: 3,99 €

Erscheinungsdatum: 09.09.2011

<3 In the name of LOVE – Steamscope today for FREE <3

★ Ranked #1 Game in China, Hongkong and Taiwan ★
★ Ranked Top Ten in USA, Germany, Russia ★

Is your chair in an upright position, your mouse on the spot and razzed your helmet?
If yes, then you're ready for Steamscope!

Only the bravest survives through the complex system of tubes in Steamscope.
Extreme speed rushes make you become more vigilant against the next threat.

It is the combination of dodging at cyberspeed and solving puzzles that leads you to the end of the pipe.
To get further into the higher levels in Steamscope you get support from the Tesla Gun. This lightning-charged tool allows you to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.
Dive into and cross bizarre landscapes of metal and steam.

In the end, your skill is put into a Steamscope score, where you can compare yourself with other players worldwide.

Are you STEAMTASTIC enough to lead the highscore?

Key features:

- Many individual level styles
- End boss
- Realtime physics
- Tesla gun
- Interactive environment
- Highend graphics
- Exclusive music tracks

For Support: support@steamscope-game.com

© Digital Frame Studio 2011

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ReceiptBox – Giorgos Trigonakis

On 10. Januar 2012, in Finanzen, by AppsFürMac


Giorgos Trigonakis

Genre: Finanzen

Erscheinungsdatum: 26.05.2011


New version with English support!!

ReceiptBox is a very easy to use application designed to help you keep track of your receipts.

✓ Organize your receipts into multiple accounts.
✓ Import-export to file
✓ Receipts templates
✓ Autocompletes receipt data
✓ Search into records
✓ Print report
✓ Total amount per expenses category

Greek Description:

Η εφαρμογή Receipt Box είναι ένα πρόγραμμα καταχώρησης και διαχείρισης αποδείξεων που σκοπό έχει να απλοποιήσει την διαδικασία καταγραφής τους, όπως απαιτείται από την εφορία, και να διευκολύνει τοv έλεγχο των καθημερινών εξόδων.

*** Η πρώτη ελληνική εφαρμογή του Mac App Store! ***

✓ Δημιουργία πολλαπλών λογαριασμών
✓ Εύκολη μεταφορά αποδείξεων από ένα λογαριασμό σε άλλο
✓ Δυνατότητα καθορισμού στόχου για κάθε λογαριασμό και απεικόνιση του ποσοστού επίτευξης σε progress bar
✓ Δημιουργία πρότυπων για πιο γρήγορη καταχώριση
✓ Οργάνωση των αποδείξεων σε κατηγορίες εξόδων
✓ Σύνολα ανα κατηγορία εξόδων
✓ Εισαγωγή αποδείξεων από αρχείο (csv)
✓ Εξαγωγή αποδείξεων σε αρχείο (csv)
✓ Αναζήτηση στο σύνολο των πεδίων των εγραφών
✓ Έλεγχος ορθότητας Α.Φ.Μ. (προαιρετικός)
✓ Συντόμευση βασικών λειτουργιών στο Menubar του Mac OS X
✓ Εκτύπωση εγγραφών

© 2011 Giorgos Trigonakis

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Beyond Ynth Xmas Edition HDX – FDG Entertainment

On 18. Dezember 2011, in Spiele, by AppsFürMac
Beyond Ynth Xmas Edition HDXGrafik

Beyond Ynth Xmas Edition HDX

FDG Entertainment

Genre: Spiele

Erscheinungsdatum: 13.12.2011

Play one of the best puzzle adventures on Mac OSX!


Join Kribl, a little ladybug on a big journey to recover santa´s presents. Traverse icy mountains and foggy forests in this side story of Beyond Ynth.

'Beyond Ynth: Xmas Edition' is the must-have Christmas present for everyone this year! If you never played the original game before (also available on the Mac App Store), now is your chance. Play 5 EXCLUSIVE levels for free and find out why so many people are excited about the game.

You have to see this game in action to truly understand how amazing it is. Follow the link at the end of the description below to see a video or download it now! It's free!


SlideToPlay: MUST HAVE 4/4: "Extremely well designed levels"; "…you might lose weeks of productivity."
AppSpy.com: GREAT 5/5: "Beyond Ynth is a class act that is definitely worth checking out."
148apps: "It nails down the details that so many other puzzle games miss."; "Awesome theme song (it’s amazing!)"

++ 1080p Ultra Smooth Graphics
++ XBOX 360 Controller support (3rd party driver req.)
++ Generic Joypad support
++ Rewind Feature!
++ Solution Videos!
++ Original music and songs, recorded in a studio.
++ Voice acting.
++ Storybook with hand-drawn illustrations.
++ High-score lists and achievements.
++ Beautiful graphics and animations.
++ Dimensional scrolling.
++ Realistic physics gameplay elements.
++ Tons of fun sound effects.

If you're still uncertain about the game, please watch the exciting gameplay trailer. Please open up YouTube and search for Beyond Ynth or use this direct link:


© © 2011, FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co KG

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SourceTree (Git/Hg) – Torus Knot Software Ltd

On 7. Oktober 2011, in Entwickler-Tools, by AppsFürMac
SourceTree (Git/Hg)Grafik

SourceTree (Git/Hg)

Torus Knot Software Ltd

Genre: Entwickler-Tools

Erscheinungsdatum: 02.01.2011

SourceTree is the easy to use GUI for Mercurial and Git, made for your Mac!
✓ One tool for Mercurial and Git repositories
✓ Collaborate with Subversion servers too
✓ See your GitHub, Bitbucket and Kiln projects in SourceTree
✓ Friendly diff views let you see file changes immediately
✓ Quick Look support, even on historical changes
✓ Undo or stage / unstage changes down to a line level
✓ Commit, revert/reset, branch, merge, tag, transplant/cherry-pick, blame
✓ Intuitive views: file status, history log (with graph) and history search
✓ Create and apply patches with automatic helpers
✓ Stash / shelve support, and much more!

© 2011 Atlassian

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