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retickr – retickr

On 10. Dezember 2017, in Nachrichten, by AppsFürMac



Genre: Nachrichten

Erscheinungsdatum: 24.08.2011

retickr is a social media, email, and RSS aggregator that focuses on personalized news, social sharing, and simplicity.

With retickr you can stream all of your information through an intuitive "stock ticker" that allows quick access your Facebook, Twitter, email, and news.

See an interesting headline stream by? Quickly read a preview of the article. Need to know more? View in browser with the click of the mouse. Want to share it with your friends? You can email, tweet, and post to Facebook with a single click of a mouse.

Check out our video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67FRkwzgeuM

© 2011 retickr LLC

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PhotoTime – Fabian Spillner

On 26. Mai 2014, in Fotografie, by AppsFürMac


Fabian Spillner

Genre: Fotografie

Erscheinungsdatum: 10.09.2011

It's PhotoTime! You can take funny snapshots with your build-in iSight camera. There are over 30 effects and you can combine bumped/dent effect with all other effects! It gives you a realtime preview with the effect.

The special feature: You can adjust some effects with your mouse in real-time! The flash color and delay time are customizable, too!

© 2011 Fabian Spillner

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iTeleport: VNC – iTeleport Inc.

On 23. November 2013, in Dienstprogramme, by AppsFürMac
iTeleport Inc. - iTeleport: VNC Grafik

iTeleport: VNC

iTeleport Inc.

Genre: Wirtschaft

Preis: 1,59 €

Erscheinungsdatum: 22.12.2011

★★ Discounted by 96% as part of TwoDollarTuesday ★★
★★ More great apps on sale: twodollartues.com ★★

★★ Also, iTeleport for iOS is discounted by 68% ★★
★★ Get both apps for $9.99 today only! ★★

iTeleport: a magical app that lets you access your computer from anywhere in the world.

Supports Mac, Windows, Linux and all VNC servers. See your computer screen and control its keyboard/mouse from wherever: a few feet away, or halfway around the world.

Teleport yourself to your computer from anywhere in the world. iTeleport gives you full control of your computer's mouse, touchpad and keyboard, and provides a rich visual display of your computer screens, without any screen resolution limit. All communication is encrypted when using iTeleport Connect on your remote computer.

* Control any application on your Mac or Windows PC from anywhere in the world

* Optionally use the free iTeleport Connect app to automatically configure your remote computer (download from www.iTeleportMobile.com/connect)

* Use multi-touch gestures to zoom, pan, and scroll

* Access the files on your computer from anywhere

* If you're a parent, watch over your child's online behavior to make sure they're safe

* Help your friends, family or customers by providing remote computer support

* Supports Mac (Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger, Vine Server) and all Windows editions (with free VNC servers: TightVNC, UltraVNC, and RealVNC). Also supports Linux VNCServer and Vino, as well as AMX Touchscreen Interfaces.

* Supports multiple monitors on Windows and Mac (including Lion) with Mac authentication

* Wake-on-LAN support allows you to wake computers from sleep under some conditions. For details, see www.iTeleportMobile.com/support/wake

* SSH Encryption support for all platforms. For details, visit www.iTeleportMobile.com/support/secure

Visit www.iTeleportMobile.com for setup instructions and tips.

You can even use iTeleport when you don't have an Internet connection, and want to control another local computer over WiFi.


If there is a problem with the app, write us at support@iteleportmobile.com so we can work with you to resolve the issue. Writing a review on the App Store with a bug report doesn't allow us to contact you, and so won't help us fix the bug quickly. Send us an email with details on the problem and we will fix it as soon as possible.


© © 2012, iTeleport Inc.

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Heart Pro III – 3D4Medical.com, LLC

On 2. November 2013, in Medizin, by AppsFürMac
Heart Pro IIIGrafik

Heart Pro III

3D4Medical.com, LLC

Genre: Medizin

Preis: 6,99 €

Erscheinungsdatum: 28.10.2011

3D4Medical in collaboration with Stanford University School of Medicine present the Heart Pro III. As featured in the WWDC 2012 Keynote Speech. This app was developed in partnership with Dr. Lacy E Harville III, MD, FACS.

OVERVIEW: The Heart Pro has already reached the number one position for Medical iPad apps (Top Paid and Top Grossing) in over 40 countries worldwide! The Heart Pro – Mac Edition is also built on 3D4Medical's new Nova Series technology.

In this upgrade 3D4Medical have added in several new features and several new animations for free. For those who need particular specialized animations, there are disease state animations available through the "in app purchase".

Please look at the short video which will show some of the features in this app: http://applications.3d4medical.com/heart_pro.php

The NEW Heart Pro III contains hundreds of improvements – here are a few:
• 360-degree, 3D horizontal rotation of the heart – with the swipe of your mouse.
• Rotate vertically for inferior and superior views.
• 19 free animations.
• 51 animations available for in-app purchase.
• 62 images isolating elements of the heart.
• 64 audio pronunciations for every label.
• 2 types of Quizzes – Drag and Drop and Multi-choice.
• Draw on any screen image and then share it through email, Facebook or Twitter.

• Graphical Hints: On screen hints that can be turned on or off, for a complete understanding of all the app's features.
• Interface: Completely rebuilt to allow for simple navigation.
• Mix layers: Make one layer semitransparent to compare against another layer.
• Public Notes: Post or browse through shared public notes.

• Double click to Zoom – zoom into any view by clicking on the screen.
• Use your mouse to Cut – slice through the heart for coronal, sagittal and transverse cut views – use hints to learn how.
• Click the Scalpel – add or remove veins, arteries and tissue.
• Pins appear in both English and Latin.
• Customize Pins – add your own pins and notes or add notes to existing pins.
• Customize the App – using the settings function the user can choose which pins appear within the app – customize to different levels, i.e. high school, nurses etc…

This app’s primary use is as a learning tool but can also be used as a fast and innovative reference tool by utilizing the index function which allows the user to select an item and the app will automatically zoom in and identify it.

Additionally, this app is ideal for physicians, educators or professionals, allowing them to visually show detailed areas of the heart and / or animations to their patients or students – helping to educate or explain conditions, ailments and injuries.

© © 2012 3D4Medical.com LLC

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Autodesk Inventor Fusion – Autodesk Inc.

On 29. November 2012, in Grafik und Design, by AppsFürMac
Autodesk Inventor FusionGrafik

Autodesk Inventor Fusion

Autodesk Inc.

Genre: Grafik und Design

Erscheinungsdatum: 25.07.2012

Imagine the new and exciting ideas you can create using Autodesk Inventor Fusion technology to bring your designs to life. This new, 3D CAD modeling software enables creation of designs through intuitive direct manipulation and easy to understand design tools.

•2D Sketching: Start your designs by using simple 2D sketch tools. Control sketches with dimensions. Create 2D layouts from which you can create multiple shapes fast.
•Direct Modeling: Push – pull and edit your way to your final desired result. Direct modeling means you can focus on your design task and not on complex modeling commands and dialogs. Autodesk Inventor Fusion technology is a history free 3D design tool.
•Assembly design: Assemblies that mimic the real world makes positioning and moving your design fast and predictable. Designing in context means you have all the right information to make design decisions. Flexible assembly structure ensures you can change your mind at any time.
•Real Time Visualization: Beautiful 3D and fast real-time navigation make creating and presenting your design easy.
•Cloud Storage: Store and Share your designs using Autodesk 360 collaboration service. Use Webgl enabled browsers or Autodesk Viewers for IOS to view your designs when on the go.
•AutoCAD® Compatibility:
Autodesk Inventor Fusion Technology is compatible with other Autodesk® software products, making it easy for you to read files from colleagues and clients.
•Translators: Read SAT, STEP, DWG and Autodesk Inventor Files. Share data as STEP or STL. STL output means you are ready to use the growing number of 3D printers and printing services.

What’s New for Inventor Fusion Technology?

This release of Inventor Fusion Technology leverages key Mountain Lion features that
will help increase productivity and help the communication and socialization of 3D
CAD designs.

Integrated Mountain Lion Features:
•Notifications – Receive notifications when files are edited, updated, and more when
you combine the 3D CAD modeling power of Autodesk Inventor Fusion Technology
and Autodesk 360 cloud services.
•Share Sheets – Show off your new designs or edits to existing designs via Share
Sheets. iMessage to coworkers, E-Mail to clients, Tweet to your friends and to the
•Full screen – Take your 3D CAD modeling full screen to maximize your productivity
and bring your design to the forefront.
•Airplay Mirroring – Show your designs off of the big screen! Airplay Mirroring helps
you take charge in your meeting with clients, coworker, and more.

System Requirement’s:
•Hardware Model ID: MacPro4,1 or later; MacBookPro5,1 or later (MacBookPro6,1 or later recommended); iMac8,1 or later (iMac11,1 or later recommended); MacMini3,1 or later (MacMini4,1 or later recommended); MacBookAir2,1 or later; MacBook5,1 or later (MacBook7,1 or later recommended)
•Operating system: Mac OS X 10.7.2 or Later
•CPU: 64-bit Intel® processor
•Memory: 3GB RAM (4GB recommended)
•Hard disk: Download and installation 2.5GB free (3GB recommended
•Graphics card: All graphics cards on supported hardware
•Display resolution: 1280 x 800 with True Color (1600 x 1200 with True Color recommended)
•Keyboard: U.S. or U.K. keyboard layout
•Pointing device: Apple® Mouse, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, MacBook Pro trackpad, or MS-compliant mouse

© © Autodesk, Inc.

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QuickWeather Mini – App Jon

On 24. Januar 2012, in Wetter, by AppsFürMac
QuickWeather MiniGrafik

QuickWeather Mini

App Jon

Genre: Wetter

Erscheinungsdatum: 29.03.2011

Introducing QuickWeather Mini- a beautiful app that makes it easy to quickly access the weather in cities around the world. Sitting on your desktop in an unobtrusive manner, QuickWeather Mini makes it easy to see the current weather conditions at a quick glance.

Simply hover your mouse over any part of the app, and a window will drop down with detailed conditions!

☼ Available Conditions:☼
● Wind Chill
● Wind Direction
● Wind Speed
● Humidity
● Visibility
● Pressure
● Sunrise
● Sunset

Please note this app runs in the menubar. So, you can remove the app from your dock once it has finished downloading.

If you like QuickWeather Mini, check out "QuickWeather" for iOS, the most beautiful way to check the weather!

© 2011 App Jon

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Grid – DEVONtechnologies, LLC

On 5. November 2011, in Dienstprogramme, by AppsFürMac


DEVONtechnologies, LLC

Genre: Dienstprogramme

Erscheinungsdatum: 25.10.2011

You love working with many windows open but you are using the keyboard much more often than the mouse? — Grid moves and resizes your windows with a single keystroke. Choose your grid and have everything nicely aligned.

© 2011 DEVONtechnologies, LLC

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Motion FX – Autodesk Inc.

On 25. August 2011, in Unterhaltung, by AppsFürMac
Motion FXGrafik

Motion FX

Autodesk Inc.

Genre: Unterhaltung

Erscheinungsdatum: 24.08.2011

Autodesk® Motion FX lets you create stunning real-time video effects using your computer’s camera.

Simply select your favorite preset effect, and create an incredible visual experience by moving in front of your computer’s camera. A preset cycling mode lets you automatically cycle through effects without lifting a finger. You can also use the Face Tracking technology of OS X Lion to emit effects from any faces visible to your camera.

If you want more personalization, there are more options you can play with in Motion FX. Color Detection lets you select a color from the live camera feed from which to emit effects, and with Effect Paint you can play with fluids using your trackpad or mouse. Video Warp mode lets you distort live video using your mouse or trackpad.

Lose yourself in the swirling dreamscape of Motion FX!


✓ Over 80 presets from Smoke, to Fire, to Rainbow Plasma, react in real-time to your movements
✓ Powered by Academy Award®* winning real-time fluid dynamics technology from Autodesk® Maya® software
✓ Effects can be displayed alone or composited on top of live video from your computer’s camera
✓ Cycle mode lets you dance and play while Motion FX seamlessly transitions from effect to effect, creating an endless swirling masterpiece
✓ 5 Modes:
✓ Motion Detect – Effects are created based on motion detected by your computer’s camera
✓ Face Detect – Emit effects from all visible faces
✓ Color Detect – Choose the color to emit effects from the video feed
✓ Effect Paint – Paint effects using your mouse or trackpad
✓ Video Warp – Warp live video using your mouse or trackpad
✓ Save snapshots to your Pictures folder by tapping the spacebar
✓ Support for Mac OS X Lion Full-Screen mode
✓ Hook up multiple cameras and switch between them
✓ Support for multiple displays lets VJs and performance artists use one display for control and another for projection to an audience
✓ Animated thumbnails allow you to preview each effect

* Academy Award is a registered trademark of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

© Autodesk Inc.

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