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retickr – retickr

On 10. Dezember 2017, in Nachrichten, by AppsFürMac



Genre: Nachrichten

Erscheinungsdatum: 24.08.2011

retickr is a social media, email, and RSS aggregator that focuses on personalized news, social sharing, and simplicity.

With retickr you can stream all of your information through an intuitive "stock ticker" that allows quick access your Facebook, Twitter, email, and news.

See an interesting headline stream by? Quickly read a preview of the article. Need to know more? View in browser with the click of the mouse. Want to share it with your friends? You can email, tweet, and post to Facebook with a single click of a mouse.

Check out our video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67FRkwzgeuM

© 2011 retickr LLC

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Facebox Pro for Facebook – Zentertain Ltd.

On 19. August 2016, in Soziale Netzwerke, by AppsFürMac
Facebox Pro for FacebookGrafik

Facebox Pro for Facebook

Zentertain Ltd.

Genre: Soziale Netze

Erscheinungsdatum: 03.03.2011

Eine App für Facebook, so habt ihr immer den optimalen Blick auf die Geschehnisse in eurem Freundes- und Bekanntenkreis. Ihr könnt sogar mit der App Facebox Pro mit euren Facebook-Freunden chatten!

© ©2010 Zentertain Ltd.

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Zepheer – Candy Square

On 10. Dezember 2015, in Fotografie, by AppsFürMac


Candy Square

Genre: Fotografie

Preis: 0,79 €

Erscheinungsdatum: 04.04.2012

★ Only today! Special price from ZeroNinetyNice Deal! ★
✩ Check the other offers http://zeroninetynine.com/ ✩

Zepheer is designed to be a best friend of every photography enthusiasts on Mac OS. This small app delivers dozens built-in photo styles and allows to make your photos warm, charming, beautiful, impressing, to give them the soul – even when the photos were taken with a low-end camera and bad conditions.

The application offers real-world styles, abstract filters, borders, vignettes and more – everything right up here, one click away from your Mac.

Key features:
- Simple and intuitive user interface.
- Dozens of customizable built-in effects to apply.
- Various borders to choose from.
- GPU-accelerated engine for fast and accurate real-time processing.
- Facebook and Flickr integration – share your art right from the app.
- Lots of supported file formats including RAW.

© Copyright © 2012 Sladki Programi d.o.o.

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Wallpapers HD Lite – StuckPixel, Inc.

On 16. Dezember 2014, in Lifestyle, by AppsFürMac
Wallpapers HD LiteGrafik

Wallpapers HD Lite

StuckPixel, Inc.

Genre: Lifestyle

Erscheinungsdatum: 28.06.2011

Wallpapers HD – The only app available with thousands of high definition wallpapers for you to download for your mac.
Our artists have been working around the clock to make these high quality, vibrant wallpapers for you to enjoy!
Take full advantage of the high quality images on your monitor and unleash the full visual potential of your screen.

-Categorized Wallpapers
-Sort the wallpapers by recency, popularity, or just by random
-Ability to download wallpapers to use on your desktop
-Customized fitted wallpapers
-Share on twitter or facebook
-Email to friends
-Rate and share your wallpapers

If you love this app, please leave a glowing review!

© StuckPixel, Inc.

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SoundCloud – SoundCloud Ltd.

On 1. Dezember 2014, in Musik, by AppsFürMac


SoundCloud Ltd.

Genre: Musik

Erscheinungsdatum: 04.01.2011

The official SoundCloud Desktop app brings the full SoundCloud web experience to your Mac.

Whether you're a serious sound professional who needs something to manage your daily workflow or a casual creator who prefers the smooth experience of OS X, the SoundCloud Desktop app can work for you. Access the sounds people share with you and browse, listen to and favorite sounds from the world's largest community of sound creators. Create custom playlists to get the sounds you need in an instant and download others for offline playback. Like all the official SoundCloud apps, the new Desktop app has a record functionality that lets you easily capture and share any sound privately or publicly to Facebook, Twitter and more.

- Sign up for a SoundCloud account directly from the app
- Connect easily using your Facebook username and password
- Record your sounds right in the app and share to Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud
- Listen to, favorite and manage your exclusive and incoming tracks in one place
- Create playlists by dragging SoundCloud URLs to the dock icon
- Find and follow users right in the app to get updates in your Dashboard
- Includes Growl support (Growl must be installed to use this feature)

- Please note using the app requires a SoundCloud account. Sign up for free in the app or at http://soundcloud.com
- Only tracks that have been made available for 3rd party applications will be accessible via SoundCloud Desktop
- Activate your social networking connections on SoundCloud.com to share using the app

© © 2011, SoundCloud Ltd.

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FaceTab for Facebook – FIPLAB Ltd

On 24. November 2014, in Soziale Netzwerke, by AppsFürMac
FaceTab for FacebookGrafik

FaceTab for Facebook


Genre: Soziale Netze

Erscheinungsdatum: 14.03.2011


*** NOTE: Unlike the others, FaceTab is the only app that works with the NEW Facebook layout ***

FaceTab takes your Facebook addiction to a whole new level. It is the best app for instantly accessing your Facebook account without having to open your web browser!

With FaceTab, we take advantage of the magic of Facebook to make everything totally real-time, with the latest news from your friends coming straight onto your desktop.

FaceTab is absolutely free and allows you to view and control your News Feed, Profile page, Inbox, Photo albums, Groups, Pages, Events, Notifications and so much more! FaceTab now even supports Poking and Tagging photos, amongst existing features such as updating your status and the 'Like' button! Downloading this should be a total no brainer!

After installing, simply click on the FaceTab icon in the top menu bar whenever you want to check your Facebook account. From there, you will be presented with a beautiful little window that contains the brilliant Facebook Touch interface.

We've spent a great deal of time thinking about the details and after using this app for a few days, you'll begin to notice our small yet creative touches. We plan on a very active development cycle, so please spread the word and keep sending us your feedback!

Helpful Hint:

Open the Preferences menu to configure settings such as refresh rate, audio alerts and more.

Legal Note:

- FaceTab is a 3rd party application for Facebook and is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Facebook Inc.

- Facebook and the Facebook Logo are trademarks of Facebook Inc.

© 2011 FIPLAB Ltd

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SandboxCleaner – Boinx Software

On 16. Juni 2014, in Dienstprogramme, by AppsFürMac
Boinx Software - SandboxCleaner Grafik


Boinx Software

Genre: Dienstprogramme

Erscheinungsdatum: 10.04.2013

Some QuickTime components are incompatible with OS X sandboxing, which leads to problems – including crashes – with many popular video and photo apps. SandboxCleaner finds and reveals those components, helping you to fix the problems and keep your system up and running smoothly.

If SandboxCleaner detects one of the components known to cause problems, it helps you figure out what to do. In some cases, the vendor of the component offers an update and SandboxCleaner directs you to it. In other cases, it might be best to uninstall the component using the Finder and contact the corresponding vendor for further information. If you know of components that cause issues but are not reported or are experiencing any other problems with SandboxCleaner, simply notify us via the Feedback Assistant. We will update the database suggesting the best way to deal with it.

Help Your Friends

Incompatible QuickTime components are a widespread problem. Many of your friends will experience the same or even worse problems than you. Unkempt sandboxes can lead to frustration – and no one wants a grumpy friend around! Be your friend’s hero by letting them know about SandboxCleaner using the built-in Twitter, Facebook and email sharing feature.

Over the past few months we collected data about issues with outdated or incompatible QuickTime components — such as codecs that come with webcams or digital cameras — reported by the users of FotoMagico and iStopMotion. These problems affect other video and photo apps as well, so we decided to provide this troubleshooting utility to all Mac users. Everyone with a Mac running OS X 10.8 or higher should run SandboxCleaner.

© Copyright © 2013 Boinx Software Ltd. All rights reserved

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Friendly for Facebook – Oecoway Inc.

On 22. Dezember 2013, in Soziale Netzwerke, by AppsFürMac
Friendly for FacebookGrafik

Friendly for Facebook

Oecoway Inc.

Genre: Soziale Netze

Erscheinungsdatum: 21.02.2012


Get the ultimate facebook app for your Mac. Join over 7 million users who enjoy Friendly on iPad and iPhone.

Have you ever wished facebook was a little smarter for the Mac? With Friendly, you can drag and drop photos to easily post them to facebook. The app icon, tells you when you have a new facebook message or a friend's birthday. Facebook sleekly resizes itself when you resize the facebook window. You can zoom images of photo albums, profiles photos and more by just mousing over images. Easily download photos you like in one click. And a lot more…


★ QUICK DOCK ACCESS: quick & easy access to your facebook from your dock
★ MINI MODE: a sleek mini view, when you just want to keep an eye on the latest posts in a corner of your screen.
★ DRAG & SHARE: posts photos from your mac by drag and drop
★ NOTIFICATION CENTER: friend's birthday & notifications in menu bar or app icon
★ ENHANCED FACEBOOK: zoom by just mousing over images, download albums, pin to Pinterest and more!

© 2012 Oecoway Inc.

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Zen Labs - PushUps Trainer Pro - Exercise for PINK Grafik

PushUps Trainer Pro – Exercise for PINK

Zen Labs

Genre: Gesundheit und Fitness

Erscheinungsdatum: 10.11.2012

FREE till Sunday as part of April Awesomeness by AppyFridays!
Discover more superb apps gone free on appyfridays.com!

★★★★★ Train your upper body with the same people that brought you the OFFICIAL #1 5K training app C25K®.

PushUps Trainer Pro will help you build and tone those chest muscles. From beginners to workout veterans, we have all levels of pushups tailored to your level.

It’s as easy as 1…2…3!
1. Choose your difficulty
2. Choose your workout length
3. Start your workout!


☆ Easy to follow instructions and animations
☆ Slick and easy user interface
☆ Pre-set workout difficulty levels
☆ Choose from 5 to 10 minute workouts
☆ Integrated with Facebook and Twitter communities
☆ Optimized for both iPhone and iPad devices
☆ Hard difficulty for advanced pushups
☆ Random and custom workouts
☆ Ad-free

We hope you enjoy the app and find it to be a useful training tool. Please leave us any friendly feedback, and rate us if you like the app!

Questions/comments regarding the app? Please email us at contactus@zenlabsllc.com, or visit us at www.exerciseforpink.com.

Join our fast growing community on Facebook and Twiiter!

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation ®

Zen Labs has chosen to support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation ® in the fight against breast cancer.

Legal Disclaimer

This app and any information given by it or by Zen Labs LLC are for educational purposes only. They are not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always consult your healthcare provider before beginning any fitness program.

© © 2012 Zen Labs LLC

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iPhoto – Apple®

On 27. Juni 2012, in Fotografie, by AppsFürMac



Genre: Fotografie

Albumpreis: 11,99 €

Erscheinungsdatum: 04.01.2011

iPhoto '11 umfasst neue, beeindruckende Vollbildmodi für Ereignisse, Gesichter, Orte und Alben, sodass du jeden Zentimeter des brillanten Mac Displays nutzen kannst. Außerdem bietet iPhoto neue Möglichkeiten zum Teilen und Präsentieren deiner Fotos. Du kannst Fotos auf deine Facebook Pinnwand laden und siehst Kommentare von Freunden direkt in iPhoto. Lass deine Mails mit acht von Apple designten E-Mail Vorlagen für Fotos besonders gut aussehen. Wähl eines der 12 dynamischen Diashowthemen und ergänz deine Fotos mit Bewegung und Musik. Außerdem kannst du mit iPhoto '11 jetzt auf eine neue Weise schnell und einfach Fotobücher in professioneller Qualität erstellen. Und mit den neuen Letterpress-Karten kannst du deine Fotos und Texte mit eleganten, geprägten Designs kombinieren.

Neue Vollbildmodi
• Die Funktion "Ereignisse" sortiert Fotos automatisch danach, wann du sie aufgenommen hast.
• Die Funktion "Gesichter" nutzt eine Technologie für die Gesichtserkennung, um Fotos nach Personen zu sortieren.
• Die Funktion "Orte" zeigt deine Fotos auf einer interaktiven Karte.
• Die Funktion "Alben" sortiert deine Lieblingsbilder in Fotostapeln à la iPad.
• Bücherregal für alle Buch-, Karten- und Kalenderprojekte

Facebook Erweiterungen
• Die Funktion "Alben" zeigt dir deine Facebook Fotoalben.
• Lies Fotokommentare von Freunden direkt in iPhoto.
• Poste Fotos direkt in vorhandenen Facebook Fotoalben und auf deiner Pinnwand samt Kommentar.
• Facebook Verlauf
• Unterstützung für mehrere Accounts

Mailen von Fotos
• Acht von Apple gestaltete Themen, einschließlich “Ankündigung”, “Fotokarton” und “Postkarte”
• Unterstützung für alle gängigen Mail-Dienste
• Senden von bis zu 10 Fotos pro Thema
• Anhängen von optimierten (< 5 MB) Fotos oder Fotos in tatsächlicher Größe mit einem Klick
• E-Mail Verlauf

Neue Diashows
• Sechs neue Themen (12 insgesamt), darunter "Mobile – Urlaub", "Reflexionen" und "Orte"
• Das Diashowthema "Orte" verwendet Ortsdaten in deinen Fotos.
• Die Themen enthalten sofort wiedererkennbare Musik.
• Exportieren direkt für iTunes zum Synchronisieren

Ein neues Kapitel für Fotobücher
• Dynamische Themenauswahl, die jedes Thema in einer Art Karussell anzeigt
• Themenvorschau mit deinen Fotos
• Ändern von Buchtyp, -größe und -farbe mit einem Klick
• Darstellung aller Seiten im Überblick
• Die verbesserte Funktion "Automatisch Füllen" verwendet Datum/Uhrzeit, Wertungen und Gesichtserkennung.
• Zweiseitige, randlose Layouts

• Schöne, geprägte Designs auf Premiumpapier
• 27 Themen mit passenden Umschlägen
• Personalisieren mit eigenen Fotos und Texten
• Für zahlreiche Gelegenheiten, darunter Geburt, Hochzeit und Urlaub

iPhoto Druckerzeugnisse sind in den USA, Kanada, Japan und ausgewählten Ländern in Europa und im asiatisch-pazifischen Raum erhältlich.

Für einige Funktionen und Dienste anderer Hersteller werden Internetzugang und/oder MobileMe vorausgesetzt. Es können zusätzliche Gebühren anfallen. MobileMe ist für Personen ab 13 Jahren verfügbar. Jährlicher Mitgliedsbeitrag und Internetzugang erforderlich. Es gelten die Servicebedingungen.

Dienste von anderen Herstellern sind möglicherweise nicht in allen Sprachen oder allen Ländern verfügbar. Die Nutzung dieser Dienste erfordert Internetzugang und setzt möglicherweise das Einverständnis mit zusätzlichen Bedingungen voraus.

© 2011 Apple Inc.

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