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batchRENAMEING – dragonBTV

On 29. April 2017, in Wirtschaft, by AppsFürMac



Genre: Wirtschaft

Erscheinungsdatum: 28.07.2011

one day FREE!

Being one of dragonBTV's batch series, batchRENAMEING can copy and rename whole folder of your files in seconds.

Attention to user feedback:"destination folder first" procedure give your original files fully protection! see app features…

As a batch processing App, batchRENAMEING paid more attention on original files's security and app's execute efficiency. All prefix, begin number and suffix input are illegal character protected. Instead of direct renaming, renamed files will be copied to a destination folder you choice.

Besides of these, you may also use batchRENAME to batch copy, rename and separate files to different folders according to their suffix.

- copy instead of direct rename protecting your original collection;
- fully protection of illegal file name character input while you selecting new filenames;
- automatic overwrite protection at anytime, instead of pop out confirming alert, it add suffix for you automatically;
- "destination folder first" procedure give your original files additional protection;
- beep after each file processed;
- handle ANY kind of file;
- easily copy to different folder according to file's suffix;

- carefully select the option of "also change the suffix of the file into what displayed", it's designed for the situation of "jpg / jpeg" and "tif / tiff" and some special suffix. For picture format convert, please give a try of my "batchCONVERTER"

version history:
v1.12 -> v1.20
- add option to accept freely suffix change
- app's dock menu updated
- more compact interface

v1.20 -> v1.30
- add option of user selectable increment
- output folder file's overwrite protection
- change interface background color to white
- more detailed technical support email templet
- more detailed feature request email templet
- updated more by dragonBTV panel

© dragonbtv@gmail.com

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BGM – dragonBTV

On 14. Juli 2014, in Wirtschaft, by AppsFürMac



Genre: Wirtschaft

Erscheinungsdatum: 11.04.2012

Add background music to your video within a second!

BGM (BackGroundMusic) offers you the simplest way of adding background music to your video files before you upload or release them so you can save valuable time.

As an active denizen of the internet, I am sure you are used to the uploading procedure: huge video, then huge song. With the help of BGM, however, there will be no long uploads, no rendering, and your music will be added within a second.

Also, BGM gives you the option to delete (or keep) the sound from the original video. Additionally, you can even use another video's sound track as your background music with absolutely no manual conversion involved, that means BGM can extract sound from other video and use it as the background sound of your new video.

BGM, the most efficient tool for video sharers!

- very simple operations: just drag & drop
- option to delete or keep the original sound of the video
- option of "use original video's name as prefix" when generating new video file
- accept video formats as background music, app can automatically extract audio.
- accept audio as video, enabling the mixing of audio.
- overwrite protection, your original video and audio will never been overwriten

© copyright © 2012, dragonBTV@gmail.com

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purge – dragonBTV

On 9. Februar 2014, in Wirtschaft, by AppsFürMac



Genre: Wirtschaft

Erscheinungsdatum: 21.02.2012

FREE for 3 days! Please read the "attention" before download.
Thank you!

No need to key in the 'purge' terminal command, your inactive memory will be auto released in time.

Whenever your free memory lower than what you set, it purge memories for you. Also, you may do one simple click giving your huge app a fresh start or build. The amount of your total free memory can be read from status menu bar in small font with less menu space reserved. The app's dock icon can be hidden also for your convenience.

attention: please key in purge and return key in your terminal window to make sure the purge command works on YOUR mac before download; please click the technical support menu before assuming it's 'useless' or 'no use'.

- the auto release point can be freely set from 32MB to 512MB
- the auto check interval can be set from 3 to 30 seconds
- amount of free memory displayed on status menu bar in small red font and small enough as an icon
- status menu icon can be hidden
- app dock icon can be hidden

© dragonbtv@gmail.com

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civicsUSA – dragonBTV

On 3. August 2013, in Entertainment, by AppsFürMac



Genre: Bildung

Preis: 2,39 €

Erscheinungsdatum: 09.05.2012

a newer version is coming…

Manage basic civics with this efficient app. A useful tool for U.S. citizen, resident and foreigners!

As an American, you are obligated to know basic civics. For example:
Who was Thomas Jefferson?
How many Senators does each state have?
This app will help you master all the civics you need to understand with how the US came to be and how its government works. The app will read to you automatically, and it can also quiz you on random questions when you're ready.

This app is a premier tool you can use to study for your Naturalization Test to become a citizen. The app has a unique "simple answer" mode that can show you the most simple and efficient answer to a question. One day with civicsUSA, and you'll be set for the test!

- includes all updated questions and answers of the Quick Civics Lessons of the U.S. Naturalization Test, the official material from the USCIS
- questions included: American Government; American History; Integration Civics
- simple answer mode helps you prepare for the Naturalization Test within a day, guaranteed
- valuable tool for everyone who wants to learn more about the US.

- all questions and answers will be read loudly and clearly by your Mac's TTS (Text To Speech) engine
- each word will be highlighted one by one while they are speaking out
- TTS voice can be set or changed from Mac's System Preferences
- reading speed can be freely adjusted from 90 wpm (words per minute) to 350 wpm
- reading volume can be freely adjusted from 0 to 100%
- interval between each question and its answer can be freely adjusted between 1 to 20 seconds
- interval between questions can be adjusted from 1 to 30 seconds
- questions can be controlled manually (with "next" and "previous" buttons instead of automatic progression)
- loop features enables non-stop questions.
- "Random" feature allows questions to be shuffled.
- all variable questions (e.g. what is the name of your senator?) can be easily modified by user

© dragonbtv@gmail.com

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autoExpire – dragonBTV

On 3. April 2012, in Wirtschaft, by AppsFürMac



Genre: Wirtschaft

Erscheinungsdatum: 10.01.2012

FREE for 3 days, save $4.99!

autoExpire will delete or archive your files or folders at the time you preset.

In the modern age, we are faced with the increasing digitalization of our lives. One effect of that is the huge volume of files we create, download, and received every day. Many of these are time-sensitive, such things as draft reports, news articles, digital receipts, invoices, coupons, event invitations, etc, are no longer useful after a specific date, and if they remain on your storage, they take up your storage space, clutters up your folders, and makes finding something useful among them close to impossible.

autoExpire will help you fix that. When you receive a file, you may set up, through autoExpire, an expiry date for the file, and the method of disposal after the date, be it archiving or simple deletion.

With autoExpire, you can be sure that your computer is always organized and never cluttered.

- drag & drop operation to either the user interface or the dock icon.
- all file formats are supported
- handles single files' drop, multiple files' drop, even folders' drop.
- expire date can be easily set, either as a specific calendar date or as the number of days from present.
- total files count can be read out from dock menu icon
- simple status menu access
- visibility of file list toggle-able
- support manual file deletion, just double click file's name from table view
- colorful and animated interface

Version History:
v2.02 -> v2.05
- add "Hide Main Interface" feature according to user's feature request;
- make tip display during app's first run;
- more by dragonBTV panel updated;

v2.05 -> v2.08
add options according to user's feature request
- 7 days and 365 days added to the preset expire list
- a cancel button added to the day input panel incase of your canceling drag and drop
- dragonBTV panel updated

© dragonbtv@gmail.com

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