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YourtTrip – Macingaz Group

On 15. Dezember 2013, in Reisen, by AppsFürMac


Macingaz Group

Genre: Reisen

Erscheinungsdatum: 20.08.2012

★★★ Free for New Release from Aug. 20 2012 to Aug. 26 2012 ★★★

With the help of YourtTrip, you'll find making an itinerary plan has never been so easy and funny. YourtTrip is a program that committed to satisfy you with the easy trip planning and the precious memory. You'll find your trip plan is done imperceptibly according to which YourtTrip has been prepared for you. With the powerful share function, the itinerary plan could be discussed through sending it to the blog or write message by e-mail.

==Itinerary organizer with map search function== & == Plan share function== make your trip plan easy and funny

YourtTrip will help you to confirm the specific location where you want to visit. No needs to worry about not finding the places that you are looking for. Because it integrated a Map Search function in it and you can get to all the places that exist on this planet. Then make a short description before you go there, such as what you are going to do over there, or you are not doing anything, you just want to have a ride though that particular place alone or with someone. If you are with somebody else, don't forget to share this with the person who are going to join you and get some opinions or thinking on this journey.

Don't forget the packing with you. Fortunately, the most usual tools are listed in the Packing Folder. About the unusual tools, the clever packing system has a function to add the rarely used but it's the important things in particular trip. Attention, don't forget to send this page to the participants, because sometimes some tools or packing are for somebody specially. Write down the cautions and pins on the integrated map. You'll never get lost in your trip again, and you'll never bother your friends or your families any more during your vacation.

==Smart Budget Function for smart trip planner==

There is still one important thing we have to plan—-money! Make a smart budget can teach you about your own spending habits and help you to make them more efficient. In Budget Folder, you'll find planning a budget is too easy. Somebody may think that he doesn't have the talent to make a budget. It's Okay, send it to the person who is excellent in managing the budget. After you are back from the trip, the unplanned expense can be added to the Expense Folder. Maybe it is a good habit to do this job for the coming trips that you have not been planned yet.

==Clear collection management==

We can simply add a collection by Collection Folder in the main interface. Or maybe you want to make a special collection by Smart Collection Folder on the left of the bottom. All the collections are collected into a Time Line Bar, by moving which you can select a particular trip by the time you remember, or to select trips of a period of time by dragging the mouse.
The wonderful and precious pictures on your trip can be elegantly put into YourtTrip. It's easy to manage all the pictures without chaos.

==Designed for smart users== & == Designed for the people who enjoy living their lives==

Finally, YourtTrip is a smart trip planner for smart users. This tiny plan management software is highly recommended for you to make your next trip or travel more smoothly. With all of these, the trip plan and the trip collection can be easily planned and managed. We need your advice to perfect YourtTrip by updating it for you. Don't hesitate to send us your reviews or comments.


:: Powerful share function that is to share the trip plans with others before you start the trip or back from the trip. Via blog and email, or print them out as PDF files.
:: Flexible printing to guide you the itinerary
:: Simple and powerful trip planner
:: Itinerary plan together with map search function
:: Clever packing list
:: Smart budget function give you an efficient trip
:: Clear classification system
:: Movable Time line Bar to collect all the trips
:: Elegance photo management
:: Last Update

© © @2012 Macingaz Group

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