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Gazette! – Alternative-Visuals

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Genre: Nachrichten

Erscheinungsdatum: 21.04.2011

Gazette! is a fully featured newsreader allowing you to subscribe to your favorite RSS or ATOM news feeds! With Gazette! it has never been easier to read, navigate, organize and share your favorite feeds. Simplistic UI and a plethora of features ensure efficiency when it comes to staying up to date with the day’s latest headlines.

Key Features

- A simple and elegant user interface.

- Groups: Keep all your feeds in groups to make sure things stay organized.

- News Tray: When you have the groups that you want selected, you can select the exact feeds you wish to view.

- Quick View: Open the article or links from within Gazette!; you never have to leave Gazette! to view websites.

- Save Articles: Save articles so you can view them later.

- Share: Email your favorite articles to friends and family.

- Ad Removal: Hate seeing ads in your feeds? Gazette! works to remove ads from articles (Only known ad services are blocked, please contact us if you encounter ads).

- Growl Integration: Growl Notification service has been integrated with Gazette!, allowing you another easy way to be alerted when new articles appear.

- OPML File Support: Import OPML files, allowing you to quickly subscribe to all of your favorite feeds.

- Profiles: Easily import/export your entire Gazette! Profile, this includes feeds, saved articles, groups, custom icons, and user settings. Never worry about transferring or loosing your important information again.

- Auto Read: Hate having to individually mark feeds read? Turn on Auto Read and as your scroll past articles they are marked read for you.

- And much more!

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