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Pick – Softmatic

On 25. Juli 2012, in Grafik und Design, by AppsFürMac



Genre: Grafik und Design

Erscheinungsdatum: 16.01.2012

Softmatic® Pick™ is a handy little color picker with a loupe. It sits in the status bar on top of your screen and is invoked with a hotkey.

Using Pick is simple: You launch the loupe with ⇧+⌘+L and move over the region of interest on your screen. If you find a color you want to use, simply left click to copy the color definition to the clipboard. From the clipboard you paste the color definition in your favorite editor or Xcode.

Pick supports sixteen different color formats:

HEX: ffffff
HEX: 0xffffff
HEX: #ffffff

RGB: 255,255,255
HSL: 360,100%,100%

CSS: rgb(255,255,255)
CSS: rgba(255,255,255,1)
CSS: hsl(360,100,100)
CSS: hsla(360,100,100,1)

NSColor: withCalibrated
NSColor: withDevice

UIColor: withRGB

Use the Preferences… dialog to select the preferred format. If you then left-click the color under the loupe is copied to the clipboard in the preferred format. Should you need one of the other formats it can be selected via a right-click context menu.

You dismiss or cancel the loupe with the Space bar.

★ Features ★

• Sixteen different color specification formats
• Preferred format is automatically used with left-click, very efficient workflow
• Loupe works with multi monitor setups
• Totally free

© ©2012 Softmatic. All rights reserved.

Um die App für Mac Pick – Softmatic zu laden, einfach oben auf das Bild oder den Titel daneben klicken und schon gelangt ihr in den Mac AppStore!

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