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Gradient Pro – Softmatic

On 30. Januar 2012, in Grafik und Design, by AppsFürMac
Gradient ProGrafik

Gradient Pro


Genre: Grafik und Design

Erscheinungsdatum: 12.01.2012

Creating stunning CSS gradients was never easier. With Softmatic® Gradient Pro™ it's a matter of seconds to create linear and radial gradients with an unlimited number of stops.

★ Gradients ★

• Colors can be specified by RGB, HEX or HSL value or by the HTML/ SVG name. The standard OS X color panel is also available as well as a loupe color picker.
• Stops can be placed / dragged anywhere.
• Linear gradients with angle between 0 and 360 degrees.
• Radial gradients with nine different center positions.

Gradient Pro is very easy to use, loads of keyboard shortcuts speed everything up.

★ Shortcuts ★

• "R" toggles between linear and radial gradient, "I" inverts the gradient
• Want to save a gradient for later? Simply hit "T" to move it to the tray. The tray holds up to sixteen gradients and is maintained between sessions.
• "N" and "D" create and delete stops, respectively
• "V" displays the generated CSS code, ⌘+C copies the code to the clipboard
• "L" opens the loupe color picker, "P" opens the OS X panel
• "ESC" cancels the loupe and dismisses the code window

Here's a special tip: With the loupe active, press and hold "H" to fade out the app window.

★ Other features ★

• Generate CSS3 code for all major browser and web engines: Mozilla / Firefox, Webkit (iOS, Chrome, Safari), IE, Opera.
• Launch an HTML testpage to verify the gradient and fallback color in your browser.
• Fallback color for browsers that don't support gradients.

© ©2012 Softmatic. All rights reserved.

Um die App für Mac Gradient Pro – Softmatic zu laden, einfach oben auf das Bild oder den Titel daneben klicken und schon gelangt ihr in den Mac AppStore!

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