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Singlemizer – Konstantin Pavlikhin

On 23. April 2013, in Dienstprogramme, by AppsFürMac
Konstantin Pavlikhin - Singlemizer Grafik


Konstantin Pavlikhin

Genre: Dienstprogramme

Erscheinungsdatum: 04.01.2011

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Singlemizer brings order to chaos, empowering you to find and manage duplicate files on your Mac like never before! Unlike most duplicate eliminators, Singlemizer zeroes in on files' contents; other programs use attributes like dates and names, which often lead to false positives. Check out the all the details — Singlemizer gets the job done and done right.


★ Search Locations Priorities
The order in which directories are being added to scan hints Singlemizer on how to distinguish valuable originals from unwanted duplicates. The top folders are prioritized in relation to the bottom ones. Duplicates found in each location are assigned the same priority as the location; when the scan is completed, the file with the highest value is designated as original file and all others are treated as copies.

★ Searching for Duplicate Directories
Besides of finding duplicate files, Singlemizer also lists duplicate directories, making the scan results much more compact. This allows you to clean your Mac in even more convenient, speedier and easier way.

★ Progressive Results
You don’t need to wait for a scan to finish before being able to manage duplicates. Singlemizer’s report shows all duplicates of a particular file at the same time, allowing you to decide what to do with them, even while Singlemizer continues to search for more duplicates in the background.

★ Linking Duplicates to the Original Item
Sometimes we have duplicate files for reason. Further to simply moving files to trash, Singlemizer can also free disk space, occupied by such duplicates via replacing them with lightweight links to the corresponding original items. All link-file flavours at your service: aliases, symlinks and even geeky hardlinks!


• Minimalist UI
Singlemizer is a file utility designed to solve its task in the efficient way, without distracting customer with inappropriate skeuomorphism and visual noise.

• Efficient Scan Algorithm
Singlemizer quickly and precisely identifies duplicate files and directories, keeping you Mac's system resources usage at a minimal level.

• Simple Adjustments
Singlemizer provides great flexibility in setting scan criterias. For instance, you can choose which files types to include during the scan and manage other special options.

• Instant Quick Look Preview
Any files from the results list can be instantly previewed via the well-known Finder-like Quick Look function.

• One Click Duplicates Selection
Select a couple of duplicates and click on the checkbox in front of any file to mark all entries in the selection.

• Safe Duplicates Removal
Original files are always left untouched. With Singlemizer you can't remove the most important, last pieces of data.

• Scan Anywhere
It also goes without saying, that Singlemizer is capable of scanning internal and external HDDs, removable USB flash drives and even network directories located on a remote Macs.


Should you have any problems or questions feel free to contact the developer at k.pavlikhin@gmail.com.

© © 2012 Konstantin Pavlikhin

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