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iFlashcards – Aihua Soft

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Aihua Soft

Genre: Bildung

Preis: 7,99 €

Erscheinungsdatum: 17.04.2012

iFlashcards is a flash card app designed to easily create, import, study and review almost anything. It is a great tool for exam preparation or language study.

Features include:

* Create your own memorization test.

* Keep track of mastery level.

* Easy to use and intuitive interface design.

* Import from text file.

Tutorial for importing txt files:
To use the import function, please provide the two delimiters in the txt file. The first is the card front/back separator. The second is the cards separator. For example, if the content of text file reads:

front, end
hello, hi

Then, input "," as the front-back delimiter in the first field, and the line separator "\n" as the back-front delimiter in the second field.

Then load the txt file from file, click the import button, the program will automatically parse the text file into flashcards.

© Aihua Soft Inc.

Um die App für Mac iFlashcards – Aihua Soft zu laden, einfach oben auf das Bild oder den Titel daneben klicken und schon gelangt ihr in den Mac AppStore!

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