Facebox Pro for Facebook – Zentertain Ltd.

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Facebox Pro for FacebookGrafik

Facebox Pro for Facebook

Zentertain Ltd.

Genre: Soziale Netze

Erscheinungsdatum: 03.03.2011

Eine App für Facebook, so habt ihr immer den optimalen Blick auf die Geschehnisse in eurem Freundes- und Bekanntenkreis. Ihr könnt sogar mit der App Facebox Pro mit euren Facebook-Freunden chatten!

© ©2010 Zentertain Ltd.

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Robokill – Rescue Titan Prime – Wandake

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Robokill - Rescue Titan PrimeGrafik

Robokill – Rescue Titan Prime


Genre: Spiele

Erscheinungsdatum: 24.08.2011

** Wandake Game Studios presents the smash hit, robot blasting shoot em up for your Mac: "Robokill – Rescue Titan Prime" **
************************************************************************** *******************************

Journey to Mars orbital station Titan Prime, a desolate outpost infested with a hostile army of ultra-violent robots. Knock out motion-sensing gun turrets and blast your way through room after room of swarming droids to liberate Titan Prime. Destroy the enemy spawning hubs while avoiding deadly falls, electro-charged mines and traps. Gain experience, pick up abandoned weapons and shields, collect cash and hidden loot to upgrade your Mecha with a powerful suite of new armaments and defensive tools. But be warned, drop your guard for even an instant and the droids will overwhelm you. Keep moving!!

- 460 rooms with 13 hardcore missions
- Full Screen with Stunning graphics optimized especially for the Mac
- Survival Mode
- Blazing fast gameplay
- Uber-responsive controls
- Awesome original soundtrack
- A smooth learning curve with increasingly challenging maps and smart enemy AI
- Inventory for customizing onboard weapons before each new battle; try different combos of arm and shoulder-mounted guns, shield boosters and emergency repair packs
- Detailed weapons stats & in-game weapons feedback for kickback, fire rates and damage estimates
- Experience points
- Character progression
- Hidden power-ups
- Weapons and gear drops
- Map-based exploration
- Checkpoints / teleportation nodes
- Cash and hidden loot to purchase upgrades in the virtual shop

© © 2011 Wandake, LLC

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Pinball Lite – baKno Games

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Pinball LiteGrafik

Pinball Lite

baKno Games

Genre: Spiele

Erscheinungsdatum: 21.05.2012

Totally redesigned 3D Pinball game with an amazing new feature: a Table Editor for you to create and play your own tables.

Pinball comes with 10 original tables and a growing number of online tables created by players around the world.

Experience tons of amazing effects in this original, highly entertaining Pinball game.

With realistic physics, cool sounds and unlimited tables, Pinball will have you coming back for more.

© 2012 baKno Games

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Schönheitschirurgie Simulators – Kaeria

On 29. Juli 2016, in Fotografie, by AppsFürMac
Schönheitschirurgie SimulatorsGrafik

Schönheitschirurgie Simulators


Genre: Fotografie

Erscheinungsdatum: 20.06.2011

Haben Sie sich jemals vorgestellt, wie sich Ihr Erscheinungsbild ändern würde, wenn Ihr Kinn, Ihr Gesäß, Ihr Busen oder Ihre Nase anders geformt wären? Hören Sie auf zu spekulieren! Laden Sie lieber Ihr Foto in unsere Software und machen Sie sich selbst ein Bild. Mit dem offiziellen Schönheitschirurgie-Simulator können Sie Fotos einfach anpassen, indem Sie die gewünschten Bereiche dehnen, vergrößern oder verkleinern, um fotorealistische Ergebnisse einer Schönheitsoperation zu simulieren.

Unsere Software ist sehr beliebt bei plastischen Chirurgen, Kandidaten und Mitgliedern sozialer Netzwerke, die ihr Erscheinungsbild verbessern möchten, sowie bei Leuten, die Spaß am Verzerren von Fotos berühmter Persönlichkeiten oder auch ihrer Haustiere haben.

Welche Schönheitsoperationen können Sie mit unserer Software simulieren? :

• Rhinoplastik (Nasenkorrektur)
• Kinnkorrektur (Verkleinerung, Vergrößerung, Straffung, Absaugung)
• Gesichtskonturierung
• Bauchstraffung
• Lippenkorrektur (Vergrößerung,Verkleinerung)
• Brustkorrektur (Vergrößerung, Verkleinerung
• Alle Arten der Fettabsaugung (Liposuktion) im Gesichts- oder Körperbereich
• Gesäßstraffung, Gesäßvergrößerung/- verkleinerung
• Korrekturen aus ethnischen Gründen
• Muskelvergrößerung, Muskelreduzierung
…. und viele weitere virtuelle Veränderungen …


Mehr als einfach nur Bildverzerrung! Unsere Software wurde von Anfang an mit spezifischen, exklusiven Funktionen für eine effiziente und hochwertige Simulation von Schönheitsoperationen geplant:

• Pinsel zum Verziehen, Vergrößern und Verkleinern zur Erzeugung eines fotorealistischen Bildes.
• Anpassung der Pinselgröße.
• Vergrößern und verschieben.
• Zurücksetzen, rückgängig machen & wiederholen (der letzten 10 Änderungen).
• Radierer: Radieren Sie einheitlich die Veränderungen des Bildes im ausgewählten Bildbereich.
• Tab-Ansicht: Zeigen Sie das Originalbild, das modifizierte Bild oder eine Kombination aus beiden auf dem Bildschirm an.
• Speichern Sie ein Bild von jeder Registrierkarte oder speichern Sie alle Tab-Ansichten gleichzeitig.
• Speichern Sie den Arbeitsbereich in einer SCS-Datei, um später weiterzuarbeiten.
• Morphing-Animation: Verformen des Originalbildes in ein modifiziertes Bild.
• Importieren Sie Bilder von der Festplatte oder von angeschlossenen professionellen Kamerageräten.
• Anpassbare Wasserzeichen
• Fügen Sie Ihrem Werk Texte und geometrische Formen hinzu.

Zugriff auf Befaft.com:
Befaft.com-Netzwerk ist unser exklusives Netzwerk, wo Anwender ihre Fotos der simulierten, virtuellen Schönheitsoperation veröffentlichen und von anderen Anwendern bewerten lassen können. Dies ist eine originelle, kostenlose Funktion, die Anwendern viel Spaß macht.

Diese von Kaeria EURL entwickelte Anwendung ist die professionelle Version des beliebten Schönheitschirurgie-Simulators, der weltweit für iPhone und iPad.

© 2012 Kaeria Eurl

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Wake Up Time – Rocky Sand Studio

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Wake Up TimeGrafik

Wake Up Time

Rocky Sand Studio

Genre: Produktivität

Erscheinungsdatum: 23.02.2012

☼☼ Check out our other app Wake Up Light 2 to improve your alarm clock with a full screen gradually brightening sunrise effect. ☼☼

✩✩ Giant launch sale, Wake Up Time is FREE for only a limited time. Give it a try today! ✩✩

Wake Up Time is a handcrafted, simple to use alarm clock. It has everything you need for using an alarm clock on a daily basis.

- Realistic LCD nicely displays the current time and the day of the week
- Main Switch button easily and quickly turns alarming on and off
- HUD display
- Customizable snooze time
- 24-hour mode
- Fade alarm sound volume

Features coming soon:
- custom sounds (iTunes + own files)
- multiple alarms
- sleep timer and sleep button customization
- menubar mode

Please rate the app and also let us know about your feature requests, so we can roll them out in our next release!

☆☆ Check out our other apps too ☆☆
- Broom, our disk cleaning utility is only $0.99
- FreeMemory, an easy to use menubar app, to increase your free memory with a simple click is FREE
- FreeSpace Tab, to check available space on all your drives is FREE

© 2012 Rocky Sand Studio.

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Folder Tidy – Tunabelly Software

On 15. Juli 2016, in Dienstprogramme, by AppsFürMac
Tunabelly Software - Folder Tidy Grafik

Folder Tidy

Tunabelly Software

Genre: Dienstprogramme

Erscheinungsdatum: 30.12.2011

FREE till Sunday as part of March Madness by AppyFridays!
Discover more superb apps gone free on appyfridays.com!

★ Clean up your messy folders with an easy to use one button tidy. ★

9/10 on Mac.AppStorm, featured on Lifehacker, Addictive Tips, Softpedia, Mac360 and MakeUseOf.com

Tidy away with the confidence that if you change your mind or need to make a change to the rules, it can be undone.

• Organize your files into subfolders based on the file type and/or custom rules.
• Choose what types of files to clean up.
• Choose files and folders to ignore during a clean up.
• Choose where to put the cleaned up files and folders.
• Options to ignore aliases, folders and anything with a label.
• Ability to undo the clean up.
• Over 450 five star ratings internationally.

• Editor's review of 4/5 on Softpedia.com

We offer quick and easy support. If you have any issues, please email us and we will usually get back to you within one business day.

© © 2013, Tunabelly Software

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PopClip – Pilotmoon Software

On 8. Juli 2016, in Dienstprogramme, by AppsFürMac


Pilotmoon Software

Genre: Dienstprogramme

Preis: 2,39 €

Erscheinungsdatum: 18.07.2011

★★ 1st anniversary sale! Discounted price for a limited time (40% off)! ★★

PopClip erscheint wenn du Text in einer beliebigen Anwendung mit der Maus auswählst. Greife sofort auf kontext-spezifische Funktionen wie Ausschneiden, Kopieren und Einfügen zu. Wenn du Text mit einer URL, Email oder Dateipfad auswählst, kann PopClip diese öffnen. Wähle ein falschgeschriebenes Wort und PopClip bietet Korrekturvorschläge an. Wähle Text aus um diese Wörter im Netz zu suchen.

"PopClip has achieved near perfect integration with Mac OS X and seems like a default feature of the operating system. For that alone, it is worth its asking price." — The Next Web

"an awesome new utility from Pilotmoon that makes the copy & paste function on your Mac look just like the copy & paste function on your iPhone" — Cult of Mac

"If you love the tap and copy functionality of iOS and want it on your home computer, PopClip is a simple app that adds similar functionality" — lifehacker

"It’s pretty notable how intuitive and well-thought the app is." — Mac.AppStorm

"I think even Mac traditionalists might be tempted." — Dan Frakes, MacWorld

© © 2012 Pilotmoon Software

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Read Later – mischneider

On 1. Juli 2016, in Produktivität, by AppsFürMac
Read LaterGrafik

Read Later


Genre: Produktivität

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.2011

Read Later gives you access to your Read It Later account (free) or Instapaper (which requires a paid subscription membership) in a easy-to-use application.

Enjoy viewing all your read later items without logging in via a clean mac app – where your articles are just one mouse click away. The clean design offers you a fast navigation and will save you time storing and accessing articles you are planning to read.

➪ Syncs your articles with Read it Later (free) and / or Instapaper (paid subscription membership needed)
➪ Add, Archive, Edit, Move, Like or Delete your articles
➪ Customizable shortcuts to open Read Later or add new web pages
➪ Read articles in an Article View with Paper, Light and Dark styles
➪ Adjustable fonts, text sizes, line spacing, and margins in the Article View
➪ Download up to 500 Instapaper articles and up to 1000 Read It Later articles per folder
➪ Export your items to CSV or HTML

- Share via Twitter, Pinboard, Facebook, Delicious, Evernote
- Shorten article link with bit.ly or j.mp
- Send article link via email

Please note:
To use Read Later you need to have a Free Read It Later account or Paid Instapaper account. If you have not yet signed up to one of these services you can signup for a Free Read It Later account on first use.

If you already have an Instapaper account to use it with Read Later – a paid subscriber account at Instapaper is required.

© © 2010-2011 Michael Schneider

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Cosmographia – Chris Laurel

On 24. Juni 2016, in Bildung, by AppsFürMac


Chris Laurel

Genre: Bildung

Preis: 7,99 €

Erscheinungsdatum: 24.07.2011

Cosmographia is a Solar System simulation that combines beautiful 3D graphics with real data for the positions and appearances of planets, moons, dwarf planets, asteroids and spacecraft. Navigate freely throughout the Solar System and adjust the time to observe past, current, and future events.

The incredible graphics are a great showcase for a new computer, with dynamic shadows and reflections, realistic planetary atmospheres and beautifully rendered star fields.

* The high resolution Earth imagery comes from a NASA server, which is working again after a short outage.

* Cosmographia makes intensive use of the graphics processing unit, and the current version of the app does not support older computers with Intel GMA 950 and 3100 graphics processors.

With Cosmographia, you can:

- See high resolution maps for all planets and moons that have been visited by NASA and ESA spacecraft.

- Follow the Cassini mission to Saturn as it cruises low over the surfaces of icy moons. Or, ride along with the Dawn mission to the giant asteroids Vesta and Ceres.

- View eclipses on Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, and other worlds.

- Fly along with Earth-orbiting satellites. Find out when the International Space Station, Hubble, and others will be over your home town.

- Watch volcanic eruptions on Jupiter's moon Io.

- Zoom in on an extremely high resolution map of the Earth, with individual roads and buildings visible. Switch between different maps for each month and see changes in snow cover and vegetation.

- See all 500,000+ known asteroids orbit the Sun.

- Watch aurora borealis flickering above the Arctic Circle.

- Capture images and record Quicktime movies of everything on screen.

- Follow near-Earth asteroid 2011 MD through its close approach in June 2011.

- Supports an anaglyph stereo mode that works with red/blue 3D glasses.

Cosmographia includes short articles about over 50 Solar System bodies. Each description contains links to live viewpoints, so you can quickly check out interesting objects and events in the Solar System.

© 2011 Chris Laurel

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DropKey – WellRedApps

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Genre: Dienstprogramme

Erscheinungsdatum: 17.04.2012

***Now free for a limited time***

Introducing DropKey. The hassle-free way to encrypt your files.

We all send a lot of files. Whether it's in Mail, with iChat, or even sharing them in Dropbox, files are still a huge part of our daily lives. Sadly, we haven't had an easy way to make sure they can only be opened by the people they were intended for.

Until now.

Building on state-of-the-art encryption standards, DropKey quickly and easily encrypts any file specifically for your recipients — without the need for a password or the hassle of juggling a bunch of keys!

Public Key Infrastructure is an amazing system for creating and maintaining a system of trust between senders and recipients. Once this relationship has been established, it's just a matter of "baking" the shared keys into the encrypted file. It's a great standard, but few of us mortals were able to figure out a way to make it work for us.

We believe security shouldn't be complicated. We built DropKey with this philosophy, and we we think it shows. It's built with you in mind, relying on common apps like Address Book and Mail, rather than some crazy proprietary database or ridiculous setup wizard. DropKey is designed to be simple to use, because you should work hard to create great files, not to secure them.

Give DropKey a try today. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

© 2012 WellRedApps

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